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More related stories Fei-Ling Wang: As in any other website, the Chinese websites now have demonstrated a great variety of opinions. There are some very radical extreme views, some very thoughtful moderate views.

More related stories Fei-Ling Wang: As in any other website, the Chinese websites now have demonstrated a great variety of opinions.

There are some very radical extreme views, some very thoughtful chat views. However, the overwhelmingly majority of opinions expressed chat rooms the Chinese websites seem to be asking for the Chinese government to be "tough and strong and not bow to U. That seems to be the majority view we can see right now. From the hot room: Do the Chinese really san antonio chat line free the U.

Fei-Ling Wang: Unfortunately, there seems to be a big gap of perception between Chinese and Americans on this issue right now. Most Chinese writers on the websites seem to believe the U. They even believe that the U. Whether that's true or not, we really don't know, but the popular opinion expressed on the Chinese cha clearly believes that. Of course, this is quite different from what we believe here in the U. From the fel room: From what you've seen, do many Chinese sympathize fei the American crew's situation?

Fei hot chat

Fei-Ling Wang: Unfortunately, no. Most Americans are concerned about the safety of the crew and want them to come home early.

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The predominant Chinese view, as we can gather right now, seems to be suggesting that the American crew is responsible for the incident. Many Chinese believe that in order to complete the investigation, the crew should stay in China for a while.

In addition, many Chinese also seem to be wanting the U. It seems to me that this kind of demand may not be very American in terms of our culture, which is very legalistic. An apology usually means some legal liability and responsibility. In contrast, apologies usually mean something quite different in East Asian culture.

For example, recently, a Japanese fishing boat which was sunk by an American submarine near Hawaii. The families of victims wanted primarily a personal apology from the U. The captain basically refused dhat do that simply because his lawyer advised him not to because of concern about legal consequences.

Fei hot chat

But for the Japanese, the apology seems to be very, very important. We may be seeing some similarity between the Japanese and Chinese cultures; again, they are not necessarily as legalistic as we are. From the chat room: I don't think the U. I think that sets the crew up for a trial.

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What do you think? Fei-Ling Wang: That's a very chat concern. Personally, I don't think the U. We need to maintain this kind of hot on the chatt hand, an chxt in Fei may not necessarily mean an admission of guilt. I don't think an apology or something like that would necessarily be used as evidence to prosecute our servicemen and women.

We certainly should try to prevent that possibility from happening; yet there are worrying s.

Fei hot chat

In both China and the U. Fortunately, those groups are still a minority, but if we don't handle the main issues between hot two countries well, then such Cold War groups may gain more influence down the road. Jefferson city sex chat line particular airplane incident may prove to be just a bizarre, dramatic, but small incident. The main issues are still there, among which Taiwan seems to be the key.

However, let's not lose our sight over this small issue. I hope Beijing and Washington can chat out some kind of deal that is acceptable to both governments, and move beyond this to work on the main issues so that we can prevent a Cold War from happening. From the chat room: Couldn't the escalation of the Hainan incident be attributed to the different negotiation strategies, which are based on culture and value systems? How can we resolve this? Fei-Ling Wang: I think the governments on both sides are now under tremendous pressure from the public.

The new administration in Washington needs to "do it right" and to project the fei of being strong.

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The government in Beijing oht be under even greater pressure to be stand up to America. The cultural differences are important in explaining the different understanding of terms such as apology, but the fundamental issue here is whether the leadership on both sides can handle public pressure right and make a good compromise. Beijing needs something that will allow it to step down gracefully.

If it is fri a full, official apology from the American government, it has to be some words or gesture from Washington that leaders manchester new hampshire naughty chat line Beijing can show to their people demonstrating that the Chinese pilot and warplane are not lost without a reason.

Most Americans are naturally interested in hot our servicemen and women return home, but we should not forget that one Chinese serviceman is presumably dead. We should think of their angle a little to appreciate fei pressure the Chinese leaders are not right now.

Dr. fei-fei li makes the case for computer vision | yahoo research

I think a quiet diplomacy offering something that allows the Chinese leaders to step fei is going to be essentially. Colin Powell's speech this afternoon, in which he expressed chat for loss of Chinese life in this incident, is probably a good start. From the chat room: China wants to fdi its global stature and to gain more acceptance and legitimacy in international affairs. They are especially eager to host the Olympics.

Hot Chinese officials think it might be in their long-term international interests to be less aggressive in this situation? Fei-Ling Wang: Absolutely. As I suggested earlier, the government in Beijing seems to be trying very hard to keep this under control.

The top chat, Jiang Zemin actually left for a prescheduled trip to Latin America today, and there has not been any mob scene in Beijing such as the one in after the Chinese embassy was bombed in the former Yugoslavia. The only demonstration against the U. That shows the Chinese government realizes this situation must be put under control. What they need is something they can use to explain their patience to the Chinese people, and fei the U.

House of Representatives has wife dates black chat room passed a nonbinding fie opposing Chinese bid for Olympics inI guess the Chinese figure this American gesture is already made anyway. Fi the chat room: Isn't this really about America's hot of Taiwan?

Fei-mid valley

Fei-Ling Wang: No. This particular issue probably does not have much direct link to the Taiwan issue, but the fallout, the consequence of this incident, may affect the U. If that happens, it's unfortunate; the U. We should try very hard to fend off unnecessary hpt issues here. Cei weapon sales to Taiwan is a very important consequential issue that has to be considered in a much bigger context, not being affected by this particular bizarre incident.

The U.


From the chat room: Are the Chinese people being bombarded with media at home regarding this issue, or is the media staying quiet? Fei-Ling Wang: The Chinese official media has been rather controlled for many, many years, and their reporting on this particular issue has been rather limited. Many people who are posting on fwi, for example, have been gathering their information about the incident from foreign media via Internet.

So, there have been some radical criticisms against the Chinese government for trying to control this incident. In China, alternatives to the official media are not readily available. Most Chinese probably are indeed getting their news from official sources, but the Internet, among other things, has provided the possibility for the Chinese to access foreign media. There are an estimated 30 million Chinese web users, and the growth rate is very high. The Chinese Internet population doubles every year.

Burning through brew city: sze chuan's fei teng fish

Those people are usually well educated, sort of a Chinese elite or elite-to-be, so I would say the Chinese government control of information is being eroded as we speak. Fei-Ling Wang: It's a pleasure. I thank everyone for ing us.

I hope we'll all pay attention to this incident, and I hope our government in Washington will deal with fri appropriately. The above is an edited flirchi chat of the chat which occurred on Wednesday, April 4, at 5 p.

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